The best SAMP hosting on the web

Private, dedicated hardware with no slot limits, instant setup, and expert support.

Say goodbye to downtime

There are too many poor-quality SAMP hosts that have an attractive price tag but little substance. Constant downtime and disconnects ruin the experience for you and your players.

We won't settle for anything other than 99% uptime, and you shouldn't either.

Anti-DDoS protection, free of charge

SAMP DDoS attacks are a regular occurrence and should be treated as such. Many SAMP server hosters will try to charge you extra for DDoS protection, despite it playing a vital role in your uptime.

Only the best SAMP hosting providers will protect your server at no extra cost. We go the extra mile by protecting your server from illegitimate traffic of up to 5 tbps. Never let a competitor or jaded player ruin your experience again.

No slots

Server "slots" are a concept invented by the hosting industry to guide you towards poor value plans. The truth is that the number of players your server can comfortably hold depends on a wide variety of factors.

We don't do slots. Protect your wallet and move flexibly as you grow by choosing the hardware specification you want and upgrading if you need to. Not sure? Talk to our support for honest, expert advice.

Private, dedicated hosting

You can be certain that the hardware you pay for is the hardware you'll get. All of our customers get a private, separate server. No more sluggish performance because somebody else is using all of the resources.

Host with Us

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