The best SAMP ENB presets

The best high and low-end SAMP ENB presets to elevate your RP experience.

The best SAMP ENB presets

GTA: San Andreas is an old game, and while it has a certain timeless look, there are some areas where it really shows its age. One of those is in its lighting, with words like "SSAO" and "normal mapping" just a blip on the horizon at the time of its release. Thankfully, tools like the ENBSeries by Boris Voronstov can inject these modern techniques into old games, including SAMP.

As ENB is quite customizable, this blog will round up some of the best community SAMP ENBseries presets across different performance categories.

SAMP ENBs for high to mid-range PCs

If you have a computer that can already run SAMP very well, then you likely have the performance overhead to run ENB presets that will offer drastic visual improvements.


SA_DirectX is the most prolific San Andreas ENB. Developer Makarus has (allegedly) programmed his own shaders for ENB that elevate the visual experience more than any other preset out there. SA_DirectX 2.0 is free, while SA _DirectX 3.0 is currently in beta and requires a subscription to Makarus' Patreon to access.

The results, however, are stunning, with V3 almost elevating the game to almost the level of GTA V.

Of course, you should expect a major performance hit from implementing all of these new modern techniques in a non-native way.


MartyMcFly is a prolific graphics modder who has contributed to ReShade and worked with Nvidia to offer post-process raytracing in some titles. MMGE 3 is his ENB series present for SAMP/ GTA: SA.

According to the modder, he rewrote every aspect of ENBSeries to maximize the visual experience, and the results are impressive. However, this mod will hit your performance hard. We mostly intended it for screenshots and will tank your framerate for all but the most powerful of PCs.

V Graphics

As you might have gathered, V Graphics is a SAMP ENB preset that makes GTA: San Andreas look more like GTA V. And, admittedly, it does a pretty good job of it. While of course, it's not at the same level of graphical fidelity, the graphics are still substantially improved and emulate the more natural tones of GTA V.

SAMP ENBs for low-end PCs

If high fps is your priority or you don't want to stray too far from the original feel of the game, these low-end SAMP ENB presets could be for you.

Ultimate Graphics Mod 3.0

Ultimate Graphics Mod adds a new visual flair and some modern techniques to GTA:SA while only costing 5-10fps. Though clearly not on the same level as the best presets, it does offer improved visuals while keeping the original look and feel of the game.

V Graphics for Low-End PC v2

Yep, V Graphics is pretty much what it says on the tin. A style reminiscent of GTA V, without the drastic hit to performance. As you would expect, it doesn't have all the shiny performance features of the original V graphics ENB, but it offers some graphical improvements with a minimal impact on performance.

Clean Shader FX

If you are fed up with the over-saturated, contrasty look of many ENBs, Clean Shader FX is an excellent choice. It delivers realistic tones and improved shading while avoiding aggressive shadow pop-in. While it's unlikely to blow anybody away, its understated style adds a degree of realism and means that it will never impede gameplay.

Reflection ENB

Focusing on a key graphical element can be a great way to improve the look of your game without your computer setting on fire. In SAMP, reflections have a large impact due to the prevalence of cars, rainy streets, oceans, and neon signs. Reflection ENB focuses mainly on improving these elements rather than trying to completely overhaul the game's graphics.

Project ENB SA_Profesia

SA_Profesia has excellent reflections while bringing a slightly more colorful, punchy style to the game.  It avoids the more intensive (and sometimes offensive) effects such as SSAO, bloom, and motion blur, focusing on delivering a highly playable experience.