Is SAMP dead? Where to download SAMP in 2023

The SAMP website has permanently shut down, but all is not lost. This is where you can download SAMP.

Is SAMP dead? Where to download SAMP in 2023

In September 2023, the GTA: SAMP's official website permanently shut down after 17 years of operation. There were immediate claims that this was the end for the long-loved multiplayer mod, but rumors of SAMPs death, as it turns out, have been greatly exaggerated.

While it's true that SAMP isn't as popular as it once was, it still houses a passionate and determined community of roleplayers and modders. One example of this is the team at, who have been working on their own open-source launcher for a while. They have graciously spun up a new website for SAMP, creating a trusted place to download the client with its server browser intact.

In the short term, then, you can download the SAMP client from In the future, you may be better off replacing the SAMP client with the open multiplayer launcher, which is at version 0.0.1 at the time of writing. The truth is that both the SAMP client and server had not been actively developed for years before the website was shut down. The open multiplayer client is frequently updated, supporting both open multiplayer and legacy SAMP servers.

As the server side of open multiplayer matures, we will likely see San Andreas servers with a SAMP back-end gradually phased out. But for now, SAMP is alive and well. In fact, we encourage you to start your own server and keep it going.