The best SAMP roleplay servers in 2021

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer has a thriving roleplaying community. Here are the servers you can visit to flex your creative muscles.

The best SAMP roleplay servers in 2021

While it's the English-speaking roleplaying community in SAMP wasn't what it once was, it's still far from dead. Though a couple of major servers have closed, there are still plenty of options out there – particularly if you're happy to settle for a light rather than heavy roleplay experience.

Though we haven't had the time to test every server, in our opinion these are the best SAMP roleplayer servers out there right now:

Streetz of Los Santos/ Singleplayer Roleplay

Streetz of Los Santos  (a.k.a Single Player Roleplay) returned over a year ago after a lengthy absence. With the player base of the Red County Roleplay server dwindling and Los Santos Roleplay shut down, this is your best choice for a text-heavy roleplay server.

Streetz of Los Santos is based in the world of San Andreas, but you'll hardly recognize its map in some places. The development team has done an amazing job with their custom mapping, providing a ton of new enterable buildings, landmarks, and more.

In fact, the server receives regular content updates that add new models, animations, and scripts. It includes a modern vehicle UI and phone system, limb-based damage, PvP minigames, custom weapons, a drug economy, and much more. The server also has an anti-cheat system, which is always nice to see.

Unlike some roleplaying servers, there's no application process for Streetz of Los Santos – you just sign up and play. This allows it to retain a vibrant, if not huge community, with 50-100 players typically online.

Welcome to Los Santos

Welcome to Los Santos one of the most popular servers in SAMP right now, and for good reason. It regularly has over 200 players and offers all of the features of singleplayer and more in an online environment.

Players on this server can perform jobs, purchase cars, get their pilots license, perform hits, participate in events, buy property and much much more. Though there's a bit of grind to get going and not a lot of in-game guidance, it's a ton of fun once you sink some hours in.

Welcome to Los Santos isn't a rule-heavy roleplay server, but roleplay is encouraged when interacting with others in the open world. It also has a strong, accurate anti-cheat system, which helps to keep the experience fun for everyone.

Horizon Roleplay

Love it or hate it, Horizon Roleplay is one of the biggest SAMP servers out there right now, with over 150 players routinely online and up to 300 at peak times.  Despite the name, it should be considered more of a "light" roleplay server, centering a giant turf war between upwards of 25 gangs. You and your gang will try to take over various points in the city, all the while participating in events and minigames, performing jobs, purchasing housing and vehicles, and more.

Like Streetz of Los Santos, Horizon doesn't require an application to play. It has a vibrant Discord community, despite a few trolls, and is even more fun once you get a group of friends together.

Valrise Roleplay

Valrise Roleplay is another light roleplay server that still offers a lot of value to those just starting to dip their toes into RP. On the server, you can join criminal or legal groups, produce drugs and trade weapons, own vehicles and much more.

Like the others mentioned in this list, Valrise has no application process.  It also has stable scripts and a vibrant community of 100-150 players. The primary focus on Valrise is creating a fun environment rather than one with strict rules on RP, which makes it a relatively unintimidating place.

While this can lead to some roleplay that isn't entirely realistic, often those interactions will leave you with a giggle or a smile on your face.

Lawless Roleplay

Lawless Roleplay is one of the oldest servers around, at 8-years-old. Despite this, though, it's updated regularly and consistently, with a ton of different scripts, events, and features.

It has a turf system, for example, alongside drug production, banking, property/business/car ownership, jobs, and much more. Again, it's a light roleplay server, which is good for beginners and has a smaller community of 50-150 players depending on the time of day. Even so, many swear by Lawless, making it their server of choice for many years.

The next big roleplay server – yours?

As you can probably tell, there's still plenty of room for new roleplay servers in the SAMP community. If you aren't satisfied with what's out there, SAMPHositng is designed to make it as easy as possible to create your own high-quality offering. Feel free to sign up today and create a unique server of your own.